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Somethin' about Margo...

Margo Ross Sears is a professional photographer, former English professor, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, certified Great Life coach, published author, Pastor of her non-denominational church, fine artist and a lover of animals, salty humor and Asian food. She is co-owner with her husband, David, of BeachPeople Weddings.

Since 2003, Margo is also certified Great Life Coach, journalist, and taught college English in North Carolina and Japan. A non-denominational spiritual leader to hundreds for more than 25 years, her clients and students seek the benefits of her warm, light-hearted, compassionate and empowering ways. 

She also officiates weddings. We are LGBT friendly & VERY experienced!  In her rare spare time, Margo is also a social and business maven and networker,  stepmother, popular public speaker, published journalist, great cook, and a “co-parent” of their rescued cat, Loki.  

Professional Photographers Assn.

Margo's photos made
4 magazine covers!

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...and Margo's Photo Education & Influences

Margo has done professional photography and photo restoration/enhancement since 2005, and amateur shooting for decades. Her family has several influential photographers: her father, Joe Shankland (1928-2013), a professional photographer and art teacher in Italy and the U.S. Her uncle, David M. Spear (1937- ), is a nationally famous photographer with works hanging in the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Another uncle is a professor of journalism at the University of Richmond, VA. Her grandparents, Russell and Mimi Spear, were lifetime newspaper editors, journalism photographers and writers. Margo’s great-grandfather was famous American novelist, Sherwood Anderson (1876-1941) who mentored Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner and others.

Margo is very talented at capturing the emotions and unique moments of the day, with creative, gentle humor and relaxed ease. She also is very skilled at using computer editing to enhance the artistic value of your images. Formal, traditional portrait style photos also available.

Since she has a journalistic photo style (storyteller) and is a professional graphic artist, Margo can also make a lovely, custom  photo flipbook OR a custom slideshow video (on MP4 format) of pre-existing photos to tell your wedding story to others. Accompanied by a soft music background, subtle matching graphics, editing, and created with your best wedding images.

Margo is also a member of Professional Photographers Assn. (PPA) the oldest association of its type in the U.S.  See MUCH more on these lil' square Social Media links, located on this page!